Each hand made Little Turtles Tipi is modeled after the tradition of the Lakota People and is designed to bring comfort, creativity, and inspired learning to your child.

Locally made in Bozeman, Montana.

In Lakota tradition the Tipi is a living, breathing part of the family that brings comfort, creative energy, and protection to every member. Each hand crafted tipi follows this tradition using sustainably harvested real wood poles, natural canvas fibers, and traditional decorations to create the ultimate indoor or outdoor space for creative play and inspired learning for your child.

Little Turtle’s Tipi was inspired by a beautiful gift.

My husband and I met at an American Indian reservation and were later married in a custom-made tipi in our backyard in Bozeman, Montana. Unfortunately, a windstorm later ripped the entire side of out of our tipi and not knowing what to do, we decided to donate the canvas to our friend who runs a Lakota Sweat Lodge in Utah.

While visiting those same friends a year later, they gifted us with a little tipi, made from the same canvas of our former wedding chapel for our newborn son, nicknamed Little Turtle.