Happy New Year! Goodbye Sweet 2016

On behalf of everyone at Little Turtle's Tipi, Happy New Year, and may this be a year of good health, happiness and help for you and your family. The New Year’s holiday provides a opportunity to look back at the the previous year and dream about the time ahead. Reflection and introspection are some of the wonderful things that winter brings. It's a season to take time to look inside to discover our truest wishes and dreams. Native Americans have always respected the natural cycles of our earth. Use this time wisely to look back and move forward with intuition and knowledge that you did not have before. Make good choices, be better human beings and walk in alignment with your highest self. You have the power to create more than imaginable. Step by step you gain strength. I usually start the year with new goals. This year I started by writing down my accomplishments for 2016 and then focusing on what I want to maintain in the year to come by adding on a manageable list.

My philosophy is: "Life is like driving a car. You cannot get on the freeway if you cannot stop looking in the rear view mirror. Glance back once in a while but keep your eyes on road ahead." I look forward to the year ahead! I wish you all the best! Happy New Year!

"The Good Red Road" is a phrase used by many different Native American tribal communities to represent one who is walking the road of balance, living right and following the rules of the Creator. Aho (may your spirit fly)

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