Paint It In with Grandpa

I was waiting while my oil was being changed at the Subaru dealership here in Bozeman. The person that we purchased our Subaru brought over a gentleman and said "you need to talk to her, she makes the best tipis and you need one for your grandkids"! We started talking and he wanted a traditional tipi with lots of stars and the big dipper on it. He also wanted one that he and the grandkids could paint in together! I asked what kinds of animals the kids liked and he said "cats". He wanted lots of color, a happy sun and cats! So we went to work! We back filled so it would be easier for them to paint in. We painted four flower stems on the front so that each child could make a handprint flower. We did an apple tree with apples to paint in, a honey hive and bees, raccoon and three cats! We had the sunshine, butterflies and other little areas for them to be creative! Let us paint your story. The cost is usually around $100-$150 depending on how much time it takes.