Plains Warriors

Did you know that for many plains warriors like the Dakota, Crow, Pawnee, Cheyenne, Arapaho and Kiowa took coup sticks with them into battle? "Coup" is a French word for "a hit" and rhymes with glue.  In many tribes, the highest honor that could be received was given for touching a live enemy with the bare hand or a coup stick.  Killing or scalping an enemy won less honor. It requires more courage to touch an enemy and leave him unhurt than to attack. What do you think about this?

Guess how much I love you!

I love every tipi I make so much they are hard to let go of. This one is very special and tells the story of mom, dad and two kids. This is their favorite bedtime story.

Year of the horse and snake

I met the sweetest family visiting family here in Bozeman all the way from Japan. They loved the Tatanka tipi but wanted to make it a little more personal. As we began to talk it turned out that dad and the two twin girls were born year of the horse and mom was born year of the snake. This is what we came up with!

Norway Tipi

This is a custom order that went all the way to Norway! She loved the geometric design. We painted the top of the tipi to match the entry of the canvas base. We airbrushed several extra bison running around along with dream catchers on both sides. We made it extra special for her extra special baby.

Pharoah Cat and Bubba Birdie

Grandma came to visit and saw us painting the paint it in tipi for another customer. She said "must be painting two cats, one on each side of the door and a BIG birdie for Talia". Our grandma who we call Bubba, and bubba had a birdie in Australia that would follow her around and if it could not see her it would call out Bubba! Bubba! So we decided the two cats needed to be big because Talia had two cats that she adopted! All of the bumble bees, lady bugs, ants, birds and cats are really happy on this tip! Talia lives in Croatia and has it on her porch. The cats LOVE it. Not just her cats.......ALL the cats. She might be adopting more :) The tipi was a gift for her daughter Lola.

Galaxy Wars Tipi

I saw Jen at Farmers Market when she came over and asked if we could do something special with the tipi she purchased four years ago for her son. She was surprising him with a Star Wars themed room makeover during a weekend he would be away. We talked colors, galaxies, spacecrafts and Storm Troopers! The tipi is black at the top and moves into a deep blue with shimmery gold and silver stars painted all over it, along with the  X-Wing Starfighter and Death Star! Thanks Jen for letting us be part of something so special! Her son is now 9 and still loves his tipi.

Turtle's need tipis too!

My friend Wesley was here for a visit and asked, "hey do you have a tipi that would work for my turtle habitat"? Well of course I have small tipis that would work for your turtle!! We went to look and he found one that he liked! Now George and Tortie have a tipi!! Love ya Wes!

Paint It In with Grandpa

I was waiting while my oil was being changed at the Subaru dealership here in Bozeman. The person that we purchased our Subaru brought over a gentleman and said "you need to talk to her, she makes the best tipis and you need one for your grandkids"! We started talking and he wanted a traditional tipi with lots of stars and the big dipper on it. He also wanted one that he and the grandkids could paint in together! I asked what kinds of animals the kids liked and he said "cats". He wanted lots of color, a happy sun and cats! So we went to work! We back filled so it would be easier for them to paint in. We painted four flower stems on the front so that each child could make a handprint flower. We did an apple tree with apples to paint in, a honey hive and bees, raccoon and three cats! We had the sunshine, butterflies and other little areas for them to be creative! Let us paint your story. The cost is usually around $100-$150 depending on how much time it takes.


"MITAKUYE OYASIN" is a phrase used by the Lakota people that reflects the world view of interconnectedness. The phrase translates "we are all related," or "all my relations." It is a prayer of oneness and harmony with all forms of life: other people, animals, birds, insects, trees and plants, and even rocks, rivers, mountains and valleys.